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A tired dog, is a happy dog

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Sleep the night away in comfort
• No Cages
• No Kennels
• No Suites

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Cage-free play for your dog

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Our services also include:
• Bathing
• Behavioral Classes
• Birthday Parties


At for the DOGS!, your dog can play all day or a half day in our climate — controlled indoor and outdoor play areas. Individual day rates and 10-day pass rates available!

A tired dog is a good dog!

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Dog daycare in a cage-free environment provides dogs with a social setting that helps teach your dog how to properly interact in a group setting. It differs from boarding kennels, suites, and dog walking services in that the dog is not confined, but is able to run in a supervised area while getting lots of exercise.

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For The DOGS! Pictures

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All of the local media outlets, including social media, are reporting on the current Canine Influenza outbreak.  Here are the FACTS as they affect us here at For The DOGS…

There has been ABSOLUTELY NO sign of it at our facility OR in any facility in the Indianapolis area.  If this changes, we will alert ALL of our customers immediately and post it here on our website as well as our Facebook page.  There is NO risk in bringing your dogs here for daycare or overnight lodging.  In fact, we clean our main playroom 3 times every day instead of simply once every day!  That is standard!  And with fans surrounding the playrooms, you will get the best air exchange here than at most typical daycares.  Again, there has been NO sign of the canine influenza here OR in Indianapolis.  Check with your vet to determine whether you feel you should have your dog immunized.


Looking ahead to the coming months, our evaluation slots always fill up fast!  If you are a new customer visiting our site here for the first time, EVERY dog needs to go through our evaluation process first, even if they have gone to a previous dog daycare.  Because of the unique “style” of our business it is necessary for us to complete an evaluation on every dog that come here.  Even if you think you might not need our services until the Fall or Winter months, it is wise to go ahead and schedule an evaluation for your dog.  That way, if something comes up that you weren’t planning on and you need to find quick accommodations for your dog, you will be all ready!  Call us at 317-873-2525 and schedule an evaluation for your dog!

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Fox59 Feature!

Fox59 recently came out to visit us.  They created a feature that they shared with their viewers, and did a fantastic job sharing the “essence” of just who we are at For The DOGS!  Enjoy!

Click on the headline above to view the video!  If you are viewing this in Firefox you might not be able to view the video.  If not, try using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.