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A tired dog, is a happy dog

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Sleep the night away in comfort
• No Cages
• No Kennels
• No Suites

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Cage-free play for your dog

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Our services also include:
• Bathing
• Behavioral Classes
• Birthday Parties


At for the DOGS!, your dog can play all day or a half day in our climate — controlled indoor and outdoor play areas. Individual day rates and 10-day pass rates available!

A tired dog is a good dog!

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Dog daycare in a cage-free environment provides dogs with a social setting that helps teach your dog how to properly interact in a group setting. It differs from boarding kennels, suites, and dog walking services in that the dog is not confined, but is able to run in a supervised area while getting lots of exercise.

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For The DOGS! Pictures

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Even though we are still in the colder winter months, Spring Break is not very far off!  We are already taking appointments for Spring Break!  If you are a new customer and are considering using us, it is extremely important that you get an evaluation time scheduled for your dog.  Every dog that stays here MUST go through the evaluation process.  Spring Break is the single busiest time of the year for us, so your dog will have PLENTY of playmates!  Call today to schedule your evaluation OR to schedule your dog’s stay with us!  Warmer weather is on the way!!

Vacation dog


During January and February, we will only have limited evaluation slots on Wednesdays and Sundays.  We will do our best to free up additional slots if all of the available times are filled on those days.  If you are a  NEW customer and anticipate using our services anytime in the following months, schedule your appointment NOW!   Spring Break and Easter will be here before you know it!!Website 4

Fox59 Feature!

Fox59 recently came out to visit us.  They created a feature that they shared with their viewers, and did a fantastic job sharing the “essence” of just who we are at For The DOGS!  Enjoy!

Click on the headline above to view the video!  If you are viewing this in Firefox you might not be able to view the video.  If not, try using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.