Why Choose Us

Dog day care in a cage-free environment provides dogs with a social setting that helps teach your dog how to properly interact in a group setting. It differs from boarding kennels, suites, and dog walking services in that the dog is not confined, but is able to run in a supervised area while getting lots of exercise.

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!

24-hour cage-free dog care is far more difficult to manage than a caged environment! We think it’s worth the extra effort to give your dog the care he deserves.

We have been learning and mastering the art and science of safely managing large groups of dogs since 2002. There is nothing that can replace the level of experience we offer in assuring your dog is safe and happy while in our care.

Evaluations are Mandatory!

Because of our total cage-free atmosphere, the evaluation process is mandatory here at For The DOGS, even if your dog has attended another daycare.  As we get close to holidays and peak times, our evaluation slots fill up QUICKLY.  If you are considering using our services at all over the coming year, particularly for overnight lodging, go ahead and schedule your dog’s evaluation TODAY!  Even if you might not need to lodge your dog for a few months, it is always better to give yourself plenty of time to know your dog will fit into the environment here at For The DOGS!  Call today to schedule an evaluation for your dog!

Benefits of For The DOGS over typical boarding/daycare facilities

So what ARE some of the specific benefits For The DOGS offers over some of the competition?
No add-on charges!!
You sometimes need to be mindful of the “extra” charges at some facilities.  You might pay a lower overnight charge for lodging, but everything else is “a la carte”.  If your dog needs medications, you pay extra.  If you want a raised bed, you pay extra.  If you want a “suite” you pay extra.  If you bring your dog’s own food, you pay extra.  If you want a single walk or group playtimes, you pay extra.  At For The DOGS you get everything in our one charge!  We do charge an extra fee for an early drop off between 5am-7am, or a late pickup between 7pm-9pm; most facilities are still locked up and dark at those times.

More “bang for the buck” in group playtimes!

At For The DOGS our group play starts as soon as we open at 7am and continues on all the way thru 7pm.  We never put the dogs up for a midday break so the employees can go to lunch.  Our shifts are scheduled to overlap so the dogs can continue to play.  They decide when they are tired and need a break, and when they do, they have their choice of multiple couches and chairs!  They can jump up on any of them, either alone or with a buddy or sibling, and chill out as long as they choose!  THEY decide when they need to rest.  At most daycares, the dogs are put into cages at drop off time.  Once many of the dogs are in, the dogs are then let out for playtime, typically around 8am.  They are then put back in the cages@11:45 so the staff can go to lunch.  The dogs are let back out @1-1:30pm for afternoon play until @4-5pm, and are then put into cages until they are picked up.  Some facilities offer 2-hour playgroups, where you can choose 1 or 2 per day for a cost of up to $10 (in addition to your overnight charge).  So looking at the playtime realistically, For The DOGS offers 12 hours of uninterrupted play in a day vs. 4-8 hours of play at most of the other daycares, for the same price or less!

No extra “Holiday Charge”!

At For The DOGS we do not charge extra for the major holidays.  Most places in the industry have an additional “holiday charge” for the major holidays in addition to the regular boarding charge.  We are also OPEN all day on every single holiday!  This means you don’t have to wait an additional day to pick up your pet, incurring extra charges.  We are there with the dogs, so we stay open to customers as well!  We  are open literally 365 days of the year!  You can pick up whenever it is best for YOU!

Sign Up

Easy Steps To Sign Up

  1. Assess your dog. Is your dog ready for the dog day care experience?
  2. Fill out required enrollment forms
  3. Schedule and attend an evaluation
  4. Call us at 317-873-2525 for an appointment

Required Forms

  • Download and complete the enrollment agreement and pet profile
  • Don’t forget to bring both completed forms and your dog’s current vaccination records to the evaluation appointment.

For The DOGS! Employment Application

We are always interested in candidates for new dogmates here at For The DOGS!  You will find our Employment Application by clicking the following link.

Employment Application Form