Our Services

At for the DOGS!, your dog can play all day or a half day in our climate — controlled indoor and outdoor play areas. Individual day rates and 10-day pass rates available!

Slumber Party-style Sleepovers

Your dog can sleep the night away in comfort! No cages, no kennels, no suites … only comfy beds to help your dog drift off to a full night of doggy dreams!

At most lodging facilities, the most stressful time for dogs is the overnight period.  The lights go off, the doors are locked, and the dogs are by themselves for hours overnight.  Not here!  The dogs are NEVER alone!  Not only do they get to sleep in beds, but our overnight staff is right there in bed with them!  We know that For The DOGS isn’t home, but it’s the closest thing you will find for your dog while you are gone!


Our Offerings Include:

Dog Day Play

Dog day play provides dogs with a social setting which helps teach them how to properly interact in a group dynamic.

Let your dog be a dog! Early socialization of your young dog teaches the behavioral skills necessary for a lifetime of relaxed interaction with other dogs and humans. We differ from traditional kennels in that the dogs are not kept in a small enclosure or tethered to a leash, but they are able to run and play in a supervised area and get proper exercise.

Overnight Sleepovers

The slumber party sleepover is the concept of socialized lodging. Your vacation time or time away shouldn’t be stressful for you OR your dog. The sleepover will enable your dog to stay unrestricted in an open sleeping area with a human Dogmate. Participation in all the day play activities throughout the day is also included. All dogs MUST attend a full day of day play before staying overnight.

Dog Baths

We offer baths for both day play dogs and lodging dogs.  Our baths include fresh-smelling oatmeal shampoo and a full blow-dry.  We also offer do-it-yourself bathing for those times when you need to clean your dog but don’t have the option of doing it at home!

Bath and Blowdry – $25

Do-it-yourself Baths – $15

Day Care Rates

At for the DOGS!, your dog can play all day or a half day in our climate — controlled indoor and outdoor play areas.

  • Dog Day Play

    Single day rates ‐ $30 full day ($20 full day for siblings), $20 half day

  • 10-Day Pass

    Purchase 10-day pass for $250 (a rate of $25/day that offers a savings of $50!)


Rates based on morning drop-off with full day of day play and overnight stay including 24-hour employee monitoring.

  • Daily Rate

    First Dog – $45/day; Second Dog – $35/day

  • Early Drop Off

    5 A.M. to 7 A.M. – $7/dog  (just one charge per family, not per dog)

  • Late Pick Up

    7 P.M. to 9 P.M. – $7/dog  (just one charge per family, not per dog)